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Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap

400 faculty members

300 PhD & RMa students

LOT unites about 400 faculty members and 300 PhD and RMa students and provides a meeting point to further national and international communication for the benefit of linguistic research and education. Researchers from the participating institutes share knowledge, work together on theoretical and methodological matters, discuss their data and research in seminars and lecture series and in collaborations of various other kinds.

Below you will find recent news and announcements of events from the institutes participating in LOT and from LOT itself.

News & Announcements

Professor position

Docent Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

De leerstoel Taal en communicatie aan de VU is op zoek naar een docent voor de CIW-opleiding in het komende academische jaar. Expertise op het gebied van informatieverwerking (lees- en schrijfprocessen) en/of invloed van socialemediaberichten strekt tot aanbeveling.

Call for Papers | Emerging Topics in Typology

There is some exciting work being done by PhD students globally in all areas of linguistic typology. As there are currently few opportunities to showcase their work to a specialist audience, this workshop series will give students a chance to present their work to and receive feedback from experienced researchers in their field.

Twitterfilter heeft moeite met het herkennen van meningen

Het gebeurt regelmatig: iemand krijgt een twitterban opgelegd omdat hij bijvoorbeeld over corona of vaccinaties twittert. Staan de filters van Facebook en Twitter niet te streng afgesteld? We spraken met taaltechnoloog Antal van den Bosch.


LLRC-conference June 4th | Registration now open

The Language Learning Resource Centre at Leiden University is organizing an on-lineconference (June 4th, 2021) on the interplay between second language learning practice, theory, and research.

LOT 587 | Reflexivization in Mandarin: the role of zi-ji and its components

The Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics is pleased to announce a new publication in the LOT Dissertation Series by Sally Chi Ho Wong.

Various Linguistic Assistant Professor Positions | University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam invites applications for several professor positions at the Faculty of Humanities.

Syntax Interface Lecture by Sjef Barbiers | 3 May 2021

The upcoming Syntax Interface Lecture will take place on Monday, May 3rd 2021. We will host a talk by Sjef Barbiers (Leiden University) with the title “Dutch, English and some Italian ONEs”.

Assistant/Associate Professor Postion in Communication Science | Tilburg University

The Department of Communication and Cognition in the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences is looking for an enthusiastic new Assistant or Associate Professor in Communication Science.

Typical Humanities Symposium | 23 June 2021

On June 23, HERUU organizes a one-day symposium on research in the field of humanities education.

Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics | Open Journals

Exciting news from the Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics (DuJAL)! Our journal has moved to a new publisher: openjournals.nl.

Diversity in Education | Leeuwarden Summer School on Cultural & Linguistic Diversity | 27 June – 2 July 2021

This summer course is the first edition of the Leeuwarden Summer School on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. Each year, the summer school will focus on a different theme related to cultural and linguistic diversity.

UiL OTS Colloquium, in co-operation with EMLAR | 14 April 2021

Michael Frank (Stanford University) will give the next UiL-OTS Colloquium on Wednesday 14 April, 2021 at 17.00 pm.

Problemen taalontwikkeling al vroeg zichtbaar

Vijf tot zeven procent van de kinderen in Nederland heeft een taalontwikkelingsstoornis, afgekort: TOS. Toch is TOS nog een relatief onbekend begrip. En dat terwijl een vroege diagnose deze kinderen enorm helpt om goed met hun taalproblemen om te gaan.

Language Policy and Practices in the Global North and South | 21 April – 23 June 2021

The Leiden University Centre for Linguistics and the Heritage Linguistics Lab cordially invite you to join the first segment of our LUCL Language Policy Virtual Research Seminars on Language Policy and Practices in the Global North and South.

PhD position

PhD Scholarships in Linguistics | University of Groningen

The Graduate School for the Humanities at the University of Groningen offers 3 PhD Scholarships in Linguistics.

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