LOT Dissertations FAQ

Can anyone publish in the LOT series?

No, this is only possible for those who have a supervisor in a LOT institute in the Netherlands. For Belgium this is only the case in Leuven.


What after having been accepted as a LOT author?

You will receive a questionnaire by mail. On the basis of these data LOT will set up a production schedule (including deadlines for handing in files.).

What does ‘pedel date’ mean?

The pedel date is the day your books have to be taken to the pedel (Beadle) of your university. The Pedel date is usually 3 to 4 weeks before the defence ceremony.


LOT will prepare a contract which includes the rights and duties of both the author and LOT and in which the number of books and the date of delivery of the books is recorded.

LOT number

LOT will give you a number in the Dissertation Series.

Can I leave for my holidays after the files have been sent to the printer by LOT?

This is not possible. After the files have been handed in, they will be sent to the printer. The printer will produce a Proof print which will be sent to the author within 2 weeks after handing in the files. This Proof print must be commented on for the Printer before the deadline!

What if I have planned my holidays already?

You may appoint a colleague to check the Proof print and send comments to the printer. Fill in the details (name/address) of this person in the Questionnaire.

Technical details for the dissertation


Printed on A4 the margins are as follows:

  • Header: 4,8 cm
  • Top: 5,8 cm
  • Bottom: 4,8 cm
  • Left: 4,5 cm
  • Right: 4,5 cm

Page size

  • Page size: 16 x 24 cm
  • Size text block: 12x 20 cm
  • a margin of 2 cm all around

LOT Template

You can also use the template of LOT (attached to the information email).


If you prefer to write your thesis using LaTex, we would like to direct you to: http://staticweb.hum.uu.nl/medewerkers/alexis.dimitriadis/latex/lotdiss/