LOT Education & Training

The graduate program in linguistics in the Netherlands has three main ingredients:

- LOT Winter and Summer Schools

- specialized training programs such as EMLAR

- local courses and extracurricular activities offered by the LOT institutes

LOT Summer and Winter schools

LOT institutes take turns in organizing the LOT Summer school (in June/July) and Winter school (in January). The topics of the courses are determined in accordance with the research topics of LOT. The curriculum is put together by the curriculum committee in collaboration with the organizing institute. The LOT schools are intended for both PhD- and RM-students. General courses are open only to RM2- and PhD students. RM2-students are those RM-students that have already followed a year of RM-education. During the Winter schools, LOT also provides courses that are aimed specifically at RM1-students. RM1-students are those students that started their study in the Fall preceding the Winter School. Although intended for RM1-students, RM2 and PhD students are welcome to join these courses if there is sufficient room. More detailed information can be found on the last Winter School's webpage.

EMLAR, 18-20 April 2018

EMLAR provides specific training in experimental methods for language acquisition research, and is organized yearly in Utrecht. RM/PhD students can earn LOT credits through participation in EMLAR.

RM/PhD students enrolled at one of the Dutch universities can also earn credits by participating in EMLAR and other local training activities scheduled at one of the LOT institutes. Starting in 2018, these credits will be signed off as LOT credits, so they can be used to replace participation in one of the LOT schools. Students who participate in all three days of EMLAR, including tutorials can earn 2,5 ECTS. Certificates for 2,5 ECTS will be sent out by the LOT bureau after fulfillment of all obligations. Students can top this up to 5 ECTS by writing a paper, which needs to be supervised by a researcher from their local institute. The requirements for the paper are determined by your local RMA-programme director. Please consult your local programme director if you want to write a paper for EMLAR. Make sure your paper supervisor sends your “pass” or “fail” to the LOT office (lot_coordinator@uu.nl).

Registration for EMLAR 2018 is open as of December 2017. Consult the EMLAR website for details: http://emlar.wp.hum.uu.nl/. Please note: RM students affiliated with one of the LOT institutes sign up as 'LOT members'. RM students in the Linguistics programme at Utrecht University sign up as 'UiL OTS members'. Your certificates will be sent out within 8 weeks after the end of EMLAR.

Local courses

The courses offered by the participating institutes are principally aimed at their own graduate students. However, these courses are also open to graduate students of the other LOT-institutes. Local courses typically provide basic linguistic training and research skills that are relevant for the research within that institute. Furthermore, local institutes provide teacher training, presentation skills, discussion groups, tutorials etc. In addition, all institutes organize extra-curricular activities which are directly related to the research of the graduate students, such as colloquia in which senior and junior researchers discuss their work, participation in international conferences and workshops, and training in international summer schools.