Credit assignment LOT Summer School

Course credit

During the summer school, there are no RM1-level courses. This means that all LOT courses are rewarded with 0.75 EC. By attending 4 courses over the course of 2 weeks, a student can get a maximum of 3 EC. To earn a certificate, the student needs to

  1. do the required preparations for the course,
  2. participate in all five sessions of the course (10 hours),
  3. do the homework assignments during that week (10 hours)

It is possible to top this up to 5 EC by writing a paper for one of the classes attended at the LOT school. This paper will be worth 2 EC.

Requirements for writing a paper

Whether or not a student has the option or obligation to write a paper differs per university, so check with your local coordinator before the school. For those universities who require their students to write a paper, it should be noted that students can only choose a LOT affiliated teacher as their supervisor (not one of the international or other non-LOT teachers).

The student needs to contact the supervising teacher during the LOT school, who has to agree on the content and set-up of the paper. The deadline for submitting a paper is set at 4 weeks after the end of the LOT school. Papers must be sent directly to the supervising lecturer. The lecturer then has 2 weeks to assess the work, and informs the LOT office of the outcome (pass/fail). If the paper fails, there is no possibility for the student to revise and resubmit. If the paper passes, the LOT office sends a certificate for 2 EC to the student for writing the paper. It is the student’s responsibility to have the credits signed off by their home university.