LOT Summer Schools: credit assignment to Research Master students and PhD candidates

Abbreviations: RM = Research Master, RM1 = First year Research Master = with less than 2 semesters of RM education; RM2 = Second year Research Master = with minimally 2 semesters of RM education

Guidelines for assignment ECTS to RM and PhD students for participation in the LOT summer school

LOT and the institutes participating in LOT agreed that RM / PhD students can earn 5 ects for participation in the LOT school. In order to receive these 5 ects, the student must meet the following requirements:

(i) The student should attend four LOT school courses over a period of two weeks. The student should be present at all (normally five) sessions; course assistants keep track of daily presence in class. For each class, the student should complete the obligatory readings mentioned in the course descriptions. This preparation will take about one week per course. The student is also encouraged to attend the Schultink lecture. Students receive a LOT certificate of 0.75 ects for each class they attend; for four classes this amounts to 3 ects.

(ii) The student is required to write a paper. The paper has two possible formats:

- The student writes one full paper of around 20 pages on a topic related to one of the four courses that he/she attended. Or:

- The student writes two reflection papers of around 10 pages on a topic related to the literature and the lectures of two of the four courses that he/she attended. These credits are to be signed off by the student’s home university.

Procedure for students who want to write a paper for a class:

During the LOT school, the student discusses the topic and content of the paper(s) with the teacher of this course. If the student aims to write a full research paper (20 pages), the student and the teacher must agree on the proposed topic.

Please note!: Only teachers affiliated to one of the LOT institutes can grade a paper. Teachers not affiliated to a LOT institute should not be asked to supervise papers.

The deadline for submitting a paper is set at four weeks after the end of the LOT school. Papers must be sent directly to the supervising teacher. The teacher then has two weeks to assess the work, and informs LOT of the outcome. At most eight weeks after the school, LOT sends a certificate for 2 ects to the student for writing a paper for a course. These credits are to be signed off by the student’s home university.