For whom

The LOT schools are primarily meant for graduate students. This means that the schools are open to PhD students affiliated with one of the LOT institutes or other research institutes in the world.

Research master students (RM) affiliated with one of the LOT institutes or the LOT partner institutes Leuven and Gent are welcome to participate. We regret that we cannot accommodate RM students affiliated with other research institutes or students in one-year MA programmes.

Classes in the general program are open to PhD students and to RM students with two semesters of RM training (=RM2 students). Students who had only one semester of training at the moment of the LOT Winter School (=RM1 students) can only participate at the RM1 courses. PhD students and RM2 students can enroll for these courses but we cannot guarantee their participation. Indeed, RM1 students have priority to these courses. So, when all places are needed for RM1 students, other participants will be notified that they cannot participate. Therefore, RM2 and PhD students who enroll for RM1 courses are asked to indicate an alternative choice (a regular course).
Please note that registering for all RM1 courses simultaneously is not possible. Since the workload of the courses is heavy, participants can sign up for two RM1 courses maximum.

The Research Discussion Groups are open for PhD students only (see information below).


Registration opens October 31 and will close on December 4 (23.59pm Dutch time). You will find the registration form under ‘Registration’ in the Quick Navigation box. If you don't fill out the accommodation section, we will expect that you don't need accommodation or that you will arrange for accommodation yourself.

A maximum of 30 participants can enroll for each course (on a 'first come, first served' basis). Participants will be notified if the course of their choice is full. Some courses will only take place with a minimum of 10 participants. For Research Discussion Groups there is a maximum of 12 students per class (see information below).

See the course descriptions in the schedule for more information about the courses.

Please note: For changes regarding your registration, including your courses, please fill out another registration form! This is possible until December 4.

Research Discussion Groups (for PhD students exclusively)

PhD students can register for a Research Discussion Group (RDG) as well. The main focus of a RDG is on the participants’ current research projects. The goal is to provide them with feedback to enhance their research and to prepare the work for publication. A maximum of 12 PhD students will be accepted for each RDG.

The RDGs consist of presentations and discussions provided by the participants and regulated by the lecturer. Participants are asked to give a presentation on their own research: research ideas/questions, methodology, results (if obtained yet) and progress. Please note that it is not necessary that your research is in an advanced stage. You are very welcome to just discuss your research ideas/questions, ideas for experiments, specific problems et cetera.

Registering for a RDG requires participants to submit an abstract of their presentation: What will be the general subject of your presentation and which specific issues would you like to address? Try to be as specific as possible!

The lecturer will select the participants on the basis of their abstract. In addition to the quality of the abstract, the most important criterion will be whether the topic of the participants’ presentation corresponds to the research interests of the lecturer.

After registration has closed and you have been accepted into the RDG, the lecturer will contact you about your participation.

See the schedule for more information about the RDGs of the coming LOT school.


Admission is free (but see below for accomodation!) for those PhD students and research master students (RM) who are officially affiliated with one of the eight institutes that participate in LOT. Please check with your own institute first before signing up for the LOT school to verify whether your LOT school fees have been paid or not.

Non-LOT PhD students and post doc researchers must pay a tuition fee of 200 euros for one week or 350 euros for two weeks (accommodation not included, see below) . Non-LOT RM-students (except from RM students of the LOT partner institutes Leuven and Gent) cannot enroll in the school.

Participation fee LOT Winter school 2017 Nijmegen

1 week

2 weeks

PhD students affiliated with LOT



RM students affiliated with LOT



PhD students and RM students affiliated with the University of Gent and the University of Leuven



PhD students not affiliated with LOT



RM students not affiliated with LOT

RM students not affiliated with LOT
cannot enroll, except for RM students from the University of Leuven and Gent

Post doc researchers




Lodging costs 210 euros for one week (4 nights) of LOT School accommodation (4 nights: from Monday evening until Friday morning) and 420 euros for 2 weeks of LOT School accommodation (8 nights: twice from Monday evening until Friday morning). Participants who want to come to Nijmegen already on Sunday or who like to stay over the weekend between two course weeks can book extra nights in the Apollo Hotel for 52,50 euros pppn. Of course participants can also (partly) organise their accomodation themselves.

For students affiliated with CLCG or LUCL (Groningen and Leiden*) and Leuven (PhD candidates only!) lodging is free. These students do have the option to register for the LOT dinner (20 euros for each dinner, including 1 drink).

Please note that RM1 students receive reimbursement of travel expenses and free lodging only for 1 week of participation. Students can enroll for two weeks but would have to pay for the second week themselves.

The rooms are double or triple rooms with separate beds.

The registration for accommodation closes on December 4 too. This is a strict deadline; no lodging requests will be handled after this date. Make sure you have read the cancellation policy below before you sign up for lodging.

See local info for more information about the lodging or accommodation.

*Participants from these universities do not work within travelling distance of the LOT school (i.e. over one and a half hours travelling from the LOT institute that the student is affiliated with (train station to Nijmegen station). For the current LOT Winter School, this means that lodging will be free for students affiliated with CLCG and LUCL).


On Thursday of each of the two weeks there is a dinner for 20 euros including 1 drink. Please note that registering is only possible beforehand at the moment of your registration for the courses.


As soon as you register on the website, an e-mail will be sent with a link to the online payment system. After you have completed the payment procedure, you will again receive a confirmation per e-mail.

PhD students from Leuven will be invited to pay for their registration/accommodation, but since their institute will cover these costs they should ignore the payment link.

Travelling costs

If you are affiliated to one of the LOT institutes, you can apply for reimbursement of your travelling costs with LOT In order to do so, please fill in the expense sheet. Please read the instruction in Dutch or English carefully before filling in the form. Please make sure that you use only one currency.

LOT will reimburse the travelling costs to the amount of five second-class return tickets per week, from the city where your institute is located (i.e. regardless of your residence) to the city where the LOT school is held, i.e. Utrecht. Please note that LOT does not reimburse the costs of local travelling within the city.

Please note that RM1-students receive reimbursement of travel expenses and free lodging only for 1 week of participation. Students do can enroll for two weeks but would have to pay for the second week themselves. RM2-students can receive reimbursement for two weeks.

If you only have E-tickets, you can just scan the form. Otherwise, make sure to include the original tickets with the form. Please keep copies of the tickets until the amount has been transferred to your bank account.

You can send the form to LOT Trans 10 3512 JK UTRECHT (or, if you only have E-tickets, to

UiL OTS students can put in a reimbursement request via the expense portal using their SOLIS ID (mentioning the WBSnr GW.000418.1.3)

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your registration (via, the following rules apply:

Participation and accommodation can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days before the start of your courses (cancellation deadlines are 25.12.2016 for week 1 and 01.01.2017 for week 2).

The implications of cancelling too late are the following:

  • PhD students and research master students that are affiliated with LOT: your local institute has paid a fee to LOT, so that you could attend two weeks (research master students) or four weeks (PhD candidates) of LOT schools. There will be no refund. In case of circumstances beyond your control, please contact the LOT secretary:
  • PhD students and research master students that are not affiliated with LOT: only half of the admission fee and none of the accommodation costs will be refunded.

Certificate & Credits

See the LOT guidelines for assignment of ECTS to RM and PhD students for participation in LOT schools.

Certificates will be sent to you via email within 8 weeks after the school ends.

Further information

Please contact your local Research Master coordinator for further information.