1. Location of the LOT Summer school 2018

University of Groningen
Faculty of Arts
Harmonie Building
Oude Kijk in het Jatstraat 26
9712 GR Groningen
The Netherlands

2. Getting to the Harmonie Building, University of Groningen

The Harmonie Building is located in the city center at a walkable distance of 10 min from the train station.

3. Local public transport

Groningen is a small city so most of the places are reachable within a short distance by foot, including the LOT school venue. For public transport you can use an OV-chipkaart: buy a card at the train station and use it throughout the whole country for trips by bus. The card costs € 7,50 and is available at the yellow ticket dispenser at the Railway station. Before you can travel with the OV-chipkaart, you have to deposit money on the card. Please note that besides using an OV-chipkaart, it is also possible to buy bus tickets with the bus drivers when you enter the bus. These tickets cost € 2 and are worth one hour of unlimited traveling.We suggest you consult the sites 9292 and NS Train or download the apps to your phone to consult the different schedules and routes of buses and trains within the NL.

4. Local organisation:

  • Angeliek van Hout (local organizer)
  • Miguel Santin (representing PhD students)
  • Ciara Hobbelink (representing ReMa students)
  • Marjolein Muès (representing ReMa students)

Contact the local organisation via lotsummerschool2018@rug.nl

The Facebook group for the LOT participants of the Summer School 2018: https://www.facebook.com/groups/groningenLOT/

5. Meeting Point

The LOT Summer School class rooms and meeting point are all in the H1315 corridor of the Harmonie Building. The meeting point is at the far end of this corridor, in and near room H1315.055. During the day, there will always be at least one local organizer present to help with practical matters or to answer any questions. At the meeting point you can have coffee, tea and cookies, grab some fruit after lunch and meet other participants.

Please come and meet us as soon upon your arrival to do your registration, give you a welcome pack, answer your questions and offer all additional information that you may need.

6. Facilities

Computer facilities and wifi

At the university campus everybody can use Eduroam to get access to the internet (laptop, tablet, phone). Printing in the Harmonie is only possible for locals (with their university ID card). Here are a few options if you need to print something:

  • Ask a local PhD student to print it for you.
  • Go to a nearby copy shop.
  • lotsummerschool2018@rug.nl


If you want a silent place to sit and work there are three options:

  • Class room H1315.042 is reserved for LOT students as a study room
  • The Study Room of the Faculty of Arts, which is situated on the 1st floor at the front side of the main building of the event (Harmonie Building).
  • The main library of the University, which is situated one block away from the main building of the event in front of the Academy Building. The address: Broerstraat 4, 9712 CP Groningen.

Please note that it is the exam period for the regular students during the LOT weeks and these study rooms are most often completely full.

Coffee/tea and meals

There will be coffee & tea all day long, and in particular during the breaks, at the meeting point in the H1315 corridor. Special coffees can be bought on the 1st floor of the Harmonie lunchroom.

Lunch can be bought at the lunchroom of the Harmonie Building from 11:00 to 14:00, in the Academy Building lunchroom or at nearby bakeries and cafes. The city center has a wide variety of cafés and restaurants to satisfy any craving. The Faculty of Arts canteen is situated next to the entrance to the building. They offer a variety of food: warm dish of the day, soups, noodles, a salad bar, sandwiches and snacks. In addition to the ground floor canteen, there is a cafe on the 1st floor where you can buy a variety of coffees and teas, breakfast, & cookies.

On Tuesday June 19 (week 1) and June 26 (week 2) there is a free lunch for all participants who attend the Open Access event. On Thursday June 21 (week 1) and June 28 (week 2) we will organize a dinner party. All participants are welcome to register and join. More information will be available upon your arrival. For the other meals during the week, participants should make their own arrangements. Many restaurants can be found in the city center of Groningen. At the meeting point you can find information sheets with a number of recommended restaurants.

7. Activities


The general opening will be on Monday morning June 18 at 8.45 am at the Marie Lokezaal by prof. dr. Gertjan van Noord, director of the Center for Language and Cognition Groningen. Registration will be set up just outside this room.

Poster session and drinks

Please consider the possibility to practice your conference skills by giving a poster presentation in week 1 or week 2. You can send in your abstract (no more than 300 words) to the local LOT organization at lotsummerschool2018@rug.nl until June 4th. Use this opportunity to practice presenting your research! Either make a new poster or recycle one of your conference posters and let your fellow LOT-students know what you're working on. This is a great opportunity to gain insight and receive feedback on your methodology, theory and results (if you're there yet), as well as to find collaborators for your research! Poster should be printed in A0 size.

Poster sessions and drinks will be on Monday June 18 (week 1) and June 25 (week 2) from 16.30 until 18.00 in the Weber Foyer and Exposition space in the Harmonie building. Drinks will be provided by the local organization. A poster prize will be awarded to the best poster presentation of the evening. The prize will be given out during the LOT school restaurant dinner on Thursday evening.

Schultink Lecture

During every LOT school there is a public lecture in honour of Henk Schultink. The speaker this year is Michael Ramscar. This public lecture will take place on Wednesday June 27, 16.30-17.30 in Van Swinderhuys, Oude Boteringestraat 19. The lecture will be followed by a reception. Note that the Wednesday RDGs are scheduled an hour later than normal because of this event. Click here to see the abstract of the Schultink Lecture.

Career Event

Recent ex-LOT-students will talk about their failures and successes in finding a job after doing a PhD in Linguistics. Expect practical and relevant advice for RM-students and PhD-students who want to know what their options are within and outside of academia. This event will take place on Wednesday June 20 and start with workshops in room A7 and A8, Academy building (16:30-17:00) and continue with a panel in Marie Lokezaal, Harmonie building (17:00-17:30). The career event will be followed by a reception.

Open Access Lunch Event

On both Tuesdays there will be free lunch for everyone who attends the Open Access event. This takes places from 13:15-14:15.

  • On Tue June 19 Prof. Johan Rooryck (University of Leiden) will talk about benefits of open access versus traditional publishing. Location: Munting Building (Grote Kruisstraat 2/1), room M.0161
  • On Tue June 26 Jop de Vrieze (science journalist) will take about implications of open access publishing: will it improve the scientific enterprise and the scientific knowledge it produces? Location: Academy Building, Offerhaus room
  • See here for abstracts: https://lotschool.hum.uu.nl/education-and-training/lot-sc...

Local events prior to the school

TABU-dag: two days full of interesting lectures on Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of June: http://www.let.rug.nl/tabudag/

Groningen Syntax Workshop: on Sunday the 17th of June, researchers of syntactic theory will address current debates in the generative framework: https://sites.google.com/site/rugworkshop/

8. Accommodation

Unfortunately, LOT is no longer able to provide for accommodation during Summer Schools or Winter Schools. However, we would like to help you in any way we can. First of all, we suggest you look for accommodation via AirBnB or couchsurfing, or book a room in one of the many hostels or hotels in Groningen. LOT students can apply for reimbursement as partial compensation for their accommodation costs. See the guidelines below (here).

Crash space and networking

As a local student, if you can offer crash space for a fellow linguistics student who is looking for a couch to sleep on, please announce this on Facebook. Interested students can directly contact each other on Facebook. We encourage such informal contacts, not only because it saves costs, but also because you will be developing your network. Often, your informal network provides a crucial stepping stone for your future career.

AirBnB, couchsurfing, hostels

List of recommended hostels and hotels

The price ranges reported are purely indicative, please refer to the hotel website:
€ = < 50 EUR
€€ = 51-100 EUR
€€€ = > 100 EUR

Bud Gett Hostel
Rademarkt 3-3A
9711 CS Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 588 6558
E-mail: receptie@budgetthostels.nl
Price range: € (shared facilities, excluding breakfast; also double rooms available)
Mention “LOT summerschool” to receive a discount.

Pension Tivoli
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 67
9711 HC Groningen
Phone: +31(0)6 1254 4152
E-mail: info@pensiontivoli.nl
Price range: € (shared facilities)

Simplon Youth hotel
Boterdiep 73-2
9712 LL Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 313 5221
Fax: +31(0)50 360 3139
E-mail: info@simplonjongerenhotel
Price range: € (shared facilities; also cheaper dorm rooms available)

Student Hotel Groningen
Boterdiep 9
9712 LH Groningen
Phone: +31 (050) 206 9161
E-mail: groningen@thestudenthotel.com
Price range: €€ (shared facilities)
Use the code “EVENT” in the field promo code. It will give a 10% discount on the best available rate (it changes daily). You can use all the facilities in the Student Hotel, except for breakfast.

Guesthouse Vannacht
Burchtstraat 9
9711 LT Groningen
Phone: + 31 6 22344420
Price range: €€

Hotel Friesland
Kleine Pelsterstraat 4
9711 KN Groningen
Phone: +31(050) 312 1307
Fax:+31(050) 312 1307
E-mail: info@hotelfriesland.nl
Price range: € (shared facilities)

University Hotel Groningen
Kleine Kromme Elleboog 7b
9712 BS Groningen
Phone.: +31(0)50 311 3424
Fax: +31(0)50 363 4100
E-mail: guesthouse@rug.nl
Price range: €€
Receive a discount when booking 5 night with this code: SUMMER2018

Martini Hotel
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8
9711 HG Groningen
Phone: +31(050) 312 9919
Fax: +31(050) 312 7904
E-mail: info@martinihotel.nl
Price range: €€
Receive a discount if you make your reservation before May 18th with the code: LOT summerschool. Their prices are 79.50 for one person per night including breakfast and 89.50 for two people per night including breakfast. This is a very good deal if you are able to share a room with someone!

Hotel de Doelen
Grote Markt 36
9711 LV Groningen
Phone: +31(050) 312 7041
Fax: +31(050) 314 6112
E-mail: info@hotel-dedoelen.nl
Price range: €€

Schimmelpenninck Huys
Oosterstraat 53
9711 NR Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 318 9502
Fax: +31(0)50 318 3164
E-mail: info@schimmelpenninckhuys.nl
Price range: €€€
Use the code “Summerschool” in the field promocode. It will give a 10% discount on every roomtype.

Ganzevoortsingel 2-1
9711 AL Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 368 4810
Fax: +31(050) 318 8443
E-mail: info@asgardhotel.nl
Price range: €€€
Mention “Lot-summer school” to receive a discount on a one-person room. The room will be €85,- per night excluding breakfast and tourist taxes.

Hampshire Hotel Groningen
Radesingel 50
9711 EK Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 316 2900
Fax: +31(050) 318 3166
E-mail: info@hampshire-groningen.nl
Price range: €€€

NH Groningen Hotel
Hanzeplein 132
9713 GW Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 584 8181
Fax: +31(050) 584 8180
E-mail: nhgroningen@nh-hotels.com
Price range: €€€

Auberge "Corps de Garde"
Oude Boteringestraat 74
9712 GN Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 314 5437
Fax: +31(0)50 313 6320
E-mail: info@corpsdegarde.nl
Price range: €€€

NH Hotel de Ville
Oude Boteringestraat 43 - 45
9712 GD Groningen
Phone: +31(0)50 318 1222
Fax: +31(0)50 318 1777
E-mail: nhhoteldeville@nh-hotels.com
Price range: €€€

9. Apply for accommodation reimbursement

LOT students can apply for reimbursement of as partial compensation for their accommodation costs. This reimbursement will be around €50-€70 per week (4-6 nights), depending on the number of students who apply; there is a fixed amount of €5000 from LOT that will be divided between all students. Criteria and procedure:

  • Only for LOT-affiliated students from LOT institutes other than Groningen
  • Only for PhD and ReMa students
  • Compensation will be €70 per student per week (4-6 nights)
  • If you come for 2 weeks, you are eligible for 2 weeks compensation
  • Need to show a receipt of the full accommodation costs (hostel, hotel or AirB&B invoice, or, if you rent from a private person, an invoice you draw up yourself containing at least the following information: name of LOT-student, date of arrival and departure, accommodation address, the amount of money paid to stay, the name and signature of the person who provided the accommodation, stating that they have received the money)
  • Need to attend the LOT school all 5 days (attendance is checked by course assistants).
  • Apply for reimbursement afterwards in this claims portal: declaratieportal
  • Deadline: July 6 2018. This is 1 week after the LOT school.
  • Please tell us if you will make use of the reimbursement option at the registration on Monday.

Notes when filling out the claims portal:

  • Choose option 2: I am completing a claim for myself and I don't have a "P-number" (Externals)
  • Then choose: Don't create an account (for onetime only use of the portal)
  • For Faculty / Service unit choose from the dropdown menu: Fac. of Arts
  • For Department name, state: LOT Summerschool Groningen
  • Click OK, then choose: Externals Form
  • For kind of activity, choose: Other
  • For cost allocation, choose Faculty of Arts and enter project code: (150) 116104
  • Under Explanation, state: LOT compensation for Accommodation. Add any notes that may be relevant to your claim (for example, if you use a shared bill and it is not on your name, please explain).
  • Under "Cost per night" fill out 70 if you stayed one week and 140 if you stayed two weeks (apparently the form does not calculate the total when you fill out the total number of nights and price per night)
  • Please download your claim and send it to lotsummerschool2018@rug.nl (you can download it after filling out the claim in the portal), including a scan of your accommodation receipt (with the address where you stayed and your name on it).
  • Make sure to rename your documents as follows by substituting the words in bold and italics with your own information:
    • Claim: NAME_SURNAME_claim
    • Accommodation receipt: NAME_SURNAME_receipt