LOT news and events submission

Please use this form to submit news and events for publication on the LOT website and in the LOT Newsletter.

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Please include a good quality image that is royalty-free. Be aware that when not provided with an image, the LOT Office reserves the right to not publish your contribution. Find beautiful royalty-free images on unsplash.com or foter.com. Send image as an attachment or provide the image URL. Image size: at least (!) 1600 x 900; File size: approximately 350 kb – smaller is better. Image format: JPEG or JPG. If the provided image does not meet the criteria, the LOT office reserves the right to find a suitable photo.




  • Please aim for no more than three paragraphs
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  • Please paste hyperlinks in the text if relevant

Additional information

  • If applicable, please provide links to other relevant websites here
  • Please send annexes (only as .pdf) as attachments or download links


After completion, send the document to: lot@uva.nl. Take into account that submissions before 13.00 o’clock on Fridays will be published in the newsletter the following Tuesday.