LOT – Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics

Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap

400 faculty members

300 PhD & RMa students

LOT unites about 400 faculty members and 300 PhD and RMa students and provides a meeting point to further national and international communication for the benefit of linguistic research and education. Researchers from the participating institutes share knowledge, work together on theoretical and methodological matters, discuss their data and research in seminars and lecture series and in collaborations of various other kinds.

Below you will find recent news and announcements of events from the institutes participating in LOT and from LOT itself.

News & Announcements

UU Humanities Graduate Conference

UU Humanities Graduate Conference 2019 | What’s the Point? Impact and the Future of the Humanities

The Utrecht University Humanities Graduate Conference 2019, What’s the Point? Impact and the Future of the Humanities, will take place on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April 2019.


Call for Papers | Multilingualism in Education and Society

Every year Anéla organizes a conference where members and other interested parties meet and present research on a specific topic. This year’s conference takes place on Friday October 18th at the Hogeschool Utrecht (HU).

Syntax Interface Lecture by Bert Le Bruyn | April 4th

The upcoming Syntax Interface Lecture will take place on Thursday, April 4th. We will host a talk by Bert Le Bruyn (Utrecht University) with the title “Translation Mining: definiteness in German and Mandarin”.

Summer School in Languages and Linguistics | July 22nd – August 2nd 2019

The Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics offers a varied program of specialised courses in fields such as Chinese, Germanic, Indo-European, Iranian, and Semitic languages and linguistics as well as a number of introductory linguistic courses.

Workhop Infant-directed speech in early language acquisition

Workshop on Infant-directed Speech in Early Language Acquisition| 8 April 2019

On Monday, 8 April (at 16:15), Mengru Han (Utrecht University) will defend her dissertation The role of prosodic input in word learning: A cross-linguistic investigation of Dutch and Mandarin Chinese infant-directed speech.

Conference on Multilingualism

Conference on Multilingualism 2019 | 1st – 3rd September 2019

The next Conference on Multilingualism 2019 (COM2019) will be hosted by the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) at Leiden University (The Netherlands) from September 1st until September 3rd 2019.

Sociallinguistics Circle

5 April 2019 | Sociolinguistics Circle Utrecht

The Sociolinguistics Circle is a group of Dutch and Flemish sociolinguists whose main purpose is to organise an annual conference day.

Summerschool Logic, Linguistics and Computer Sciences

ESSLLI 2020 | Call for Course and Workshop Proposals

Under the auspices of FoLLI the European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI) is organized every year in a different European country. It takes place over two weeks in the European Summer, hosts approximately 50 different courses at both the introductory and advanced levels, attracting around 400 participants each year from all the world.

PhD Position

PhD Position (0.6 fte) in Linguistics

The Institute for German Studies at the University of Oldenburg is looking for a PhD student who will work on the acoustic realization of vowels in the research project “Acoustic indicators of language dominance in bilingual speakers of High and Low German in East Frisia” (funded by the German Research Foundation).

ECA Summerschool

Deadline Extension for the ECA Summer School (15th of March)

If you are a PhD student or post-doc, please consider attending the summer school, which is the ideal complement to participation at ECA.

Assistant Professor Position

Two Assistant Professor Positions in Communication and Cognition at Tilburg University

The Department of Communication and Cognition in the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences is looking for enthusiastic colleagues for the position of Assistant Professor.


Utrecht Summer School| Neurocognitive Methods for Infant and Toddler Research

Between the 8th and 12th of July, 2019, the University of Utrecht organises the 3rd edition of the summer school on neurocognitive methods in infant and toddler research.

Fryske Akademy

Toekomst van Frisistiek in Nederland | Symposium

Het lijkt niet goed te gaan met de frisistiek in Nederland. Die constatering vormt de aanleiding tot het organiseren van een congres over de toekomst van de frisistiek.


Call for Registration | Anéla Juniorendag

On Friday, April 5 2019, Anéla and VIOT (the Dutch and Flemish associations for applied
linguistics and discourse studies) will organize their annual junior researcher day
(Juniorendag) at the Christelijke Hogeschool at Ede.


AILA 2020 | Call for Symposia Proposals

AILA2020 will take place from August 9-14 in 2020 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Upcoming Events


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