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Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap

400 faculty members

300 PhD & RMa students

LOT unites about 400 faculty members and 300 PhD and RMa students and provides a meeting point to further national and international communication for the benefit of linguistic research and education. Researchers from the participating institutes share knowledge, work together on theoretical and methodological matters, discuss their data and research in seminars and lecture series and in collaborations of various other kinds.

Below you will find recent news and announcements of events from the institutes participating in LOT and from LOT itself.

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Registration is open from 20 April until 18 May 2020.

News & Announcements

3D-Print van een Oeroud Kleitablet Brengt Spijkerschrift Tot Leven

Met een micro-CT-scanner ontcijferen onderzoekers voor het eerst spijkerschrift van duizenden jaren oud. NEMO Kennislink sprak met technici uit Delft en een assyrioloog uit Leiden die via een combinatie van specialismen nieuwe ontdekkingen deden.

MPI Colloquium

MPI Colloquium

Dianne Newbury (Oxford Brookes University) will give the next MPI Colloquium on Wednesday 20 November, 2019 at 15.45 pm.

PhD position

PhD Fellowship Position | International Max Planck Research School

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Language Sciences is offering one fully-funded PhD Fellowship for four years (2020-2024) with a preferred start-date of 1 September 2020.

Final Call for Abstracts | CLIN 30

The 30th Meeting of Computational Linguistics in The Netherlands (CLIN 30) will be organised by UiL-OTS, Utrecht University. CLIN 30 will take place at Drift 21 in Utrecht, the Netherlands on January 30, 2020. Presentation abstracts can be submitted until 17 November.

Publiekssymposium De Boerderij | 11 en 12 November

Op maandag en dinsdag 11 en 12 november organiseert Leonie Cornips een feestelijk publieksymposium voor iedereen die het Meertens Instituut een warm hart toedraagt. Onderzoekers van het Meertens Instituut – de taalkundigen, etnologen, antropologen, orale-cultuuronderzoekers en dialectologen – buigen zich tijdens deze middagen over het thema ‘de boerderij in het verleden, heden en in de toekomst’.

Syntax Interface Lecture by Jos Tellings | 14 November

The upcoming Syntax Interface Lecture will take place in Utrecht on Thursday, November 14th. We will host a talk by Jos Tellings (Utrecht University) with the title “Bare superlatives and relative clauses in Dutch”.

LUCL Colloquium | 22 November

On Friday the 22nd of November, LUCL is organising a colloquium on Non-Isomorphic Semantic Categories in Bilinguals’ Systems by Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole (Florida Atlantic University).


ACLC Seminar | Sune Gregersen Rygård MA (UvA)

Sune Gregersen Rygård, PhD candidate at the ACLC, UvA, is the guest speaker at the ACLC seminar on Friday 15 November 2019 from 16:15 until 17:30 (followed by drinks).

MPI Colloquium

MPI Colloquium

Rochelle Newman (University of Maryland) will give the next MPI Colloquium on Tuesday 12 November, 2019 at 15.45 pm.

Going Romance 2019 | 28 – 29 November 2019, Leiden University

Going Romance 2019 (including a special session on gender) is hosted by the Leiden University Center for Linguistics (LUCL) and will take place at the Leiden University Library on November 28-29, 2019.

StreamGram | Open Forum for Grammatical Theory

We are happy to announce StreamGram – Open Forum of Grammatical Theory.

LOT Dissertation 542: Bòsò Walikan Malangan

We are pleased to announce a new publication in the LOT Dissertation Series by Nurenzia Yannuar.

Reminder | LOT Populariseringsprijs 2019 | Deadline 15 November

De Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap looft dit jaar wederom de Populariseringsprijs uit, ter stimulering van het ondernemen van populair-wetenschappelijke activiteiten over een taalwetenschappelijk onderwerp. De definitie van in aanmerking komende activiteiten is uitermate ruim.

Grote Taaldag 2020 | Dutch Annual Linguistics Day 2020

The next Dutch Annual Linguistics Day (or Grote Taaldag), co-organised by AVT, LOT and Anéla, will be held on Friday January 31, 2020. The Dutch Annual Linguistics Daycombines the AVT TIN-dag (Linguistics-in-the-Netherlands day), the Anéla TTiN-dag (Applied-Linguistics-in-the-Netherlands day) and the ‘Taalgala’, where the LOT outreach prize and the AVT/Anéla Dissertation Prize are awarded.

Crash Course in Formal Linguistics for PhD Students

We’re happy to announce a crash course in formal linguistics for all PhD students at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, as well as potential participants from other departments and universities.

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