Welcome to the website of the LOT Summer School 2010. This edition of the LOT school hosts a special Language, Brain and Cognition session (LBC), sponsored by NWO. The courses in this session are free for all researchers and second year research master students who are affiliated with a Dutch university or Dutch national research institute. See the schedule for more information.

Important dates


  • Poster session with drinks:  Monday, 19.00 h. ‘Zijzaal’ of the Refter (The University Restaurant )
  • Dinner: Thursday at 19.00 h.
    June 17: Pinoccio restaurant (Molenstraat 99, Nijmegen) 19.30 H.
    June 24: Humphreys (Vismarkt 7, Nijmegen). 19.00 H.
    You have to registrate to join the dinner.
    This can be done on the first Monday during the course you follow!
  • Schultink lecture by Guillaume Thierry: Wednesday June 23 at 7.30pm in room EL 2.50.
    See for abstract: Local info.


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  • lot@uu.nl